Please, choose the price and the respective number.                                        Alternative method of acquisition

From website you can purchase or order following SIM cards:
GO-SIM – Estonian number (372 57 XXXXXX) sim cards work in the whole world.

➤ Within the action, on standard and premium prices are spread discount of 30%

Throughout Tbilisi, if you want to purchase or order online, SIM card is free of charge.

In the regions of Georgia: Also The price of delivery in the regions of Georgia is 10 GEL, which will be paid to the courier. In regions delivered only in the case of buy online.

● difference between premium, golden and standard numbers is only because of the beauty number.

● On SIM cards there are three different formats (Standard, Micro; Nano). You can take the required size for your phone.

● After order or purchase, the operator will contact you to verify the address, delivery is carried out within 1 business day.