Free call from Skype and Viber

Customers are able to make free calls from Skype and Viber on GO-SIM numbers.

To activate the feature for your GO-SIM, dial *146*711# ok

To deactivate dial *146*710# ok

To check the status dial *146*712# ok

Skype users can call your GO-Sim number for free using special dialing format 372800XXXXXXXX.

For example: if you call 372 XX XXXXXX ,to call from skype dial 372 800 XX XXXXXX.

The call is free for the Skype user. The cost of an incoming Skype call for GO-SIM users is the incoming call rate in the host country plus 0.20$ per minute. In case the GO-SIM user is in a country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just 0.20$ per minute.

E.g . If the GO-SIM user is in Italy (free incoming calls) and accepts the Skype call, he pays just 0.20 $ per minute.

The incoming call from Skype usually comes from the number +372800.

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