About Us


From 2009 year the company was introduced to customers under the brand GO-SIM. From 2016 our company offers the new sim cards GEOSIM and DATA SIM . GEOSIM is a SIM-card operating under the Georgian number and DATA SIM operating under Estonian code. offering unprecedented terms to customers when traveling abroad!

Totally customer saves 70-90% of roaming expences.

Today the number of our customers already amounts of several thousands, including hundreds of commercial and state-funded corporate organizations.

The main thing and the secret of success of our company is a satisfied customer, as through the international SIM card they were able to significantly reduce telephone costs and avoid such problems as buying the various SIM cards in different countries, in other words, avoid the problems associated with roaming. They made ​​the right decision to opt for a practical and low-cost international operator.

(The mobile communication services authorization number 300/1 issued by the National Communications Commission of Georgia).