airBaltic Card

"airBalticCard" is international sim card , which begins with 372 code and operated in all over world (as GO SIM card). Incoming calls are free in 140 countries , also in USA and China. The rates are in Evro cents. The other services for GOSIM and airBalticCard are the same.

After activation discount service from Turkey and Europe countries the outgoing calls from second minute recharges 0.19 € . The same price cost call with eachother . the sms rate is 0.06 € (from airBalticCard menu).

Enable discount service: *146*931*1# ok ; Disable discount service : *146*930*1#;To check validity period : *146*932*1# ok. Discount service activation costs 0.99 €

Customer are able to use data service as standard GPRS rates also discount GPRS packages.

You can add balance in quick payment boxes in Georgia. You choose GOSIM , enter you number and recharge it. Also from our webpage .

Customers are able to use all services on the website.