Calling rule for (+372) numbers

Calling rule for 372 code customers

All 372 sim cards (GO-SIM; CHATSIM) automatically active abroad, just put sim card into the phone and sim card will be automatically registered on network.

To call in Georgia:

You call on Gerogia mobile number with international format: +995 5XX XXXXXX

To call on Georgia local number: +995, city code and customer's number. e.g. Tbilisi: +995 32 2XX XX XX

After dialing the desired number , press ok, wait a few seconds and you will receive a call (Call back), press ok again and talk.

To call on other countries' numbers:

You call in other countries with international format: + or 00, then country code and number.

How other numbers call me? - From Georgian number call makes also with international format:

Call from city number 00 372 XX XXXXXX

Call from mobile number +372 XX XXXXXX